Building an Infor Grid Lab – Part 6bis

More building an Infor ION Grid laboratory for my learning purposes. Today, I will install the Grid on CentOS Linux, a free/libre Linux distribution based on Red Hat which the Grid supports (see previous post).


The Grid bundled installer is available for internal use only, not for production use. Infor M3 only supports Red Hat Enterprise Linux (see announcement thing).


I will user the latest CentOS Linux 7:

1. Install PostgreSQL

Install PostgreSQL (see part 5 and part 6):

sudo yum install postgresql-server
sudo postgresql-setup initdb

Setup password authentication of hosts from ident to md5:


Start and enable PostgreSQL:

systemctl start postgresql
systemctl enable postgresql

Verify the connection and change the password:

sudo -i -u postgres
select version();

2. Create the Grid database

Create the InforIONGrid database and verify:

sudo -i -u postgres
createdb InforIONGrid
psql -d InforIONGrid

3. Install the Grid

Launch the Grid bundled installer and follow the installation wizard (see part 4):

sudo java -jar installer-1.13.77.jar

Create the user and group for the Grid service:

sudo groupadd grid
sudo useradd -g grid grid


The result is a usual Grid, in CentOS:

Future work

  • Install Grid on a virtual private cloud
  • Install Grid session providers
  • Install GDBC
  • Install Grid applications
  • Grid pentesting
  • Proof-of-concept of Grid database on homomorphic encryption with CryptDB or Microsoft’s Always Encrypted SQL Server


That was an illustration of how to install the Infor ION Grid on CentOS, a Red Hat based Linux distribution, for learning purposes.

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