Bye M3

Dear readers,

After 18 years having worked with M3, I left the world of M3 in June 2017, and I made a career change for the world of cyber security; visit my work on M3 security. I am excited.

It has been a great adventure working with M3 since 1999, through four acquisitions between Intentia, Symphony, Lawson, Infor, and Ciber, learning about 30 M3 products, living in three countries, France, Sweden, and the US, traveling 20 countries in five continents for about 100 customers, seeing M3 evolve through big changes, from RPG to Java, from Movex to M3, from AS/400 to Windows to Linux, from on-premise to the multi-tenant cloud, from guarded documentation to open documentation. I wish some day I will see M3 provide open source code.

I had been writing ideas in various systems since the beginning of my M3 career: Intentia 2000, Intentia’s The Wire, the Movex E-Business Forum,, Lawson’s SharePoint Communities of Interest, Lawson’s Yammer, and eventually I moved my content to my own blog here so it survives through acquisitions and changes. Since its inception in 2011, this blog has amassed 300 subscribers, and 300,000 views, thanks to you, reader.

I will keep this blog alive for a few years until further notice. I invite all of you to keep reading and commenting to keep it alive. Also, I invite you to come write new posts; contact me, and I will make you author. Also, visit the other M3 blogs. As a backup, I submitted this blog to the Internet Archive’s Wayback Machine for the domain and the previous domain

Thank you for your continued support through all these years.


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ex- M3 Technical Consultant

21 thoughts on “Bye M3”

  1. Thanks a lot Thibaud for having shared so many great solutions and ideas to M3’s community. We will miss your contributions! Have a good way in cyber security now! Thanks again !


  2. I’ve enjoyed reading your posts over the years, mate, and your departure is a significant loss to the M3 community.
    Enjoy the security work, all the best for the future! 🙂


  3. Thanks a lot Thibaud, your blog posts helped me extending the knowledge of this technology to the next level. Have fun in your new challenge!


  4. Hello Thibaud, I am glad I had the honour to work with you looong time ago and your blog is a fantastic source of M3 knowledge! Thanks! And you might come back to M3… you never know.. 🙂


  5. Thanks a lot Thibaud, Will miss you with your knowledge on M3. I suggest to keep the Blog open so we also can write or search ideas when needed.


  6. Hey Thibaud i heard from Mats Trojbom that you moved over to cyber security, I wish you good luck in your new adventure. It was nice working with you on some projects.



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