This blog is about Infor M3 (formerly known as Movex) and ideas worth sharing, and is authored by employees, partners, and customers of the M3 community on a voluntary basis. It is not officially endorsed by Infor although they give their blessing and support. Feel free to distribute, re-use, and enjoy.

It is maintained by Thibaud Lopez Schneider – a long time Intentia/Lawson/Infor/Ciber employee. I believe in sharing and community involvement. The more we all share our knowledge, the more we all learn, and the better our work. I stand for Free/Libre Software (as in freedom) even though it is at odds with my employers and their proprietary software.

Please visit the authors work and find ways to participate. Special thanks to all the colleagues, partners, and customers who help the community and who have helped me.


I am a hacker. Hackers are self-taught persons of exploratory instinct and of great computer skills that improve, break and protect systems for the advancement of technology. The media confuses hackers with security breakers and cyber criminals, which is wrong.

Hacker emblem

  • What Is a Hacker? Eric S. Raymond — “Hackers solve problems and build things, and they believe in freedom and voluntary mutual help.”
  • Hacker culture, Wikipedia — “The hacker culture is a subculture of individuals who enjoy the intellectual challenge of creatively overcoming limitations of software systems to achieve novel and clever outcomes”
  • Hackerism, Richard Stallman – “The hackers really enjoyed the freedom to share and change software […] Hackers never had much respect for bureaucratic restrictions.”
  • The New Hacker’s Dictionary — “Hackers are creative people who define themselves partly by rejection of ‘normal’ values and working habits”
  • RFC 1392 – Internet Users’ Glossary — “A person who delights in having an intimate understanding of the internal workings of a system, computers and computer networks in particular.”

6 thoughts on “About”

  1. I like what you are doing. Myself, just started learning about infor ion and stumbled across your site. I’m thinking that Infor grid may be the same / similar as ion grid. If you know of further resources, please let me know. Thanks


  2. Hi Thibaud
    I’ve developed a lot of XAML mashups and recently been looking at H5 mashups.
    Using the mashup SDK in visual studio to develop client side works well.
    I’m a bit confused on deployment stage.. Even when the mashup is developed fully in visual studio and not in the mashup designer?. Do you still have to use and deploy it as a web mashup or can I directly publish it in the MUA adapter and how would I do that.? standard docs are a bit unclear..


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