Trigger PFI flows via EPC

As a reminder, there is a solution to trigger ProcessFlow Integrator (PFI) flows using External Program Connector (EPC) to avoid modifications to M3.

One traditional solution to trigger PFI flows from M3 is to make small modifications to the M3 Java source code with MAK. It only takes a few extra lines of code to trigger a PFI flow when an event happens in M3, for example when a new Customer is created in CRS610 or when an Item is changed in MMS001. But this solution is intrusive as it requires a modification to M3 which we strive to avoid to minimize maintenance.

Instead, we could use EPC. EPC is a reverse API where M3 sends XML messages to EPC on events such as Create, Change, and Copy. For that, we setup a Subscriber in EVS040, a Remote Server in EVS038, and a Subsystem Job in MNS051. Then we develop an EPC plugin in Java, outside of M3, to process the XML messages and to trigger the PFI flows. This new solution is non intrusive as it avoids modifications to the M3 source code. However, it requires the configuration of several M3 programs and the development of an EPC plugin in Java.

If anybody is interested in the EPC solution, please contact me for details.

Note: There is also a solution to trigger FPI flows via Field Audit Trail.