This is a personal blog. The opinions expressed in this blog are personal and do not necessarily represent those of Infor or any company of which the authors are employees. By using recommendations from this blog you assume the risks. For example, your source code might break with upgrades of the Infor products, and to ensure your code won’t break use only the official Infor documentation. Also, Infor may deny you support if issues arise from using their products in unofficial ways.

6 thoughts on “Disclaimer”

  1. This is the only one real and useful page with documenation for M3! Thank you, you do great job.

    Just turn it to real documenation page instead of blog :-))


      1. We are gonna to use these MAK, MOM, ISO SDK and mainly Rest API.

        Dne 4. 6. 2014 22:52, M3 ideas napsal(a): > WordPress.com >


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