Date picker in Mashup

Here’s the XAML code to add a date picker in a Mashup, using DatePicker:

<DatePicker Name="dp" SelectedDateFormat="Short" />

The result looks like this:

If you want to get the value of the date picker use this:

{Binding ElementName=dp, Path=Text}

Here’s a simple Mashup that shows the selected date in a Label:

<Grid xmlns="" xmlns:x="" xmlns:ui="clr-namespace:Mango.UI.Controls;assembly=Mango.UI" xmlns:mashup="clr-namespace:Mango.UI.Services.Mashup;assembly=Mango.UI" xmlns:wf="clr-namespace: System.Windows.Forms;assembly=System.Windows.Forms" xmlns:wfi="clr-namespace: System.Windows.Forms.Integration;assembly=WindowsFormsIntegration">

       <ColumnDefinition Width="Auto" />
       <ColumnDefinition Width="*" />
       <RowDefinition Height="Auto" />

    <DatePicker Name="dp" SelectedDateFormat="Short" Grid.Column="0" />
    <Label Name="Date" Content="{Binding ElementName=dp, Path=Text}" Grid.Column="1" />


That’s it!

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