M3 + Augmented Reality (idea)

Here is an idea that would be great to implement: M3 + Augmented Reality. I believe AR to be one of the next big revolutions in the software industry, and the technology is available today. We have mobile phones with cameras, GPS, compass, and millimetric indoor radio positioning, fast CPU for feature registration, localization and mapping, REST Web Services, etc. It went from being mostly reserved to research labs, to being the hype of emerging start ups. Get ready for the future 🙂

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ex- M3 Technical Consultant

8 thoughts on “M3 + Augmented Reality (idea)”

  1. Share ur macro calling web serices code also ,I am in urgent need please to reply immediately and also let me know that Can i call the lawson web service using java and wsimport.Thank you in advance reply ASAP!


    1. Hi Kiran. Send me an email at work and I will send you a sample macro. You will find my Infor email address at http://www.thibaudlopez.net . Also, yes, you can call web services from Java. The LWS Designer generates sample code for you; for that simply right-click on your web service > Generate. I’m not familiar with wsimport, I presume it’s possible. It’s all SOAP/WSDL. /Thibaud


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