How to get CONO, DIVI, FACI in a Mashup

Here is the solution to get the current Company (CONO), Division (DIVI), and Facility (FACI) in a Mashup in Lawson Smart Office. Last week I wrote a post on How to get the current username in a Mashup. This week I post about CONO, DIVI, FACI:

  1. Add this namespace to the Mashup:
  2. Get the values with this extension method:
    {mashup:UserContextValue Path=M3/Company}
    {mashup:UserContextValue Path=M3/Division}
    {mashup:UserContextValue Path=M3/Facility}
  3. Alternatively, you can use the field names:
    {mashup:UserContextValue Path=M3/CONO}
    {mashup:UserContextValue Path=M3/DIVI}
    {mashup:UserContextValue Path=M3/FACI}
  4. Use the value for example in a TextBlock:
    <TextBlock Text=”{mashup:UserContextValue Path=M3/Company}” />
    <TextBlock Text=”{mashup:UserContextValue Path=M3/Division}” />
    <TextBlock Text=”{mashup:UserContextValue Path=M3/Facility}” />

Here are the values you can get:
CONO | Company, CompanyName
DIVI | Division, DivisionName
FACI | Facility, FacilityName
WHLO | Warehouse, WarehouseName
LANC | Language
DTFM | DateFormat
DCFM | DecimalFormat
TIZO | TimeZone
CUNO | Customer
DEPT | Department

Here is a screenshot of the result:

Special thanks to karinpb and Juan V of Spain for their help!

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4 thoughts on “How to get CONO, DIVI, FACI in a Mashup”

  1. Actually these are the values to use, otherwise you can never switch Division.
    {mashup:UserContextValue Path=M3/CurrentCompany}
    {mashup:UserContextValue Path=M3/CurrentDivision}
    {mashup:UserContextValue Path=M3/CurrentFacility}


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