Lawson Learning courses

Lawson Learning offers various courses for learning how to create Mashups and Scripts for Lawson Smart Office. To see the list of available courses:

  1. Go to
  2. Select Services > Course Listings:
  3. Select
  4. Login with your account.
  5. Select the Education tab:
  6. Go to Search and Register for Training and click English:
  7. Click on Search to find a course:
  8. Search by keyword Mashup, or Script.

The courses will be listed alphabetically, for example:

  • Lawson Mashup Designer
  • Mashup Designer
  • Smart Office Personalized Script M3

That’s it!

UPDATE 2012-10-16: Alternatively, and more simply, you can go directly to

UPDATE 2012-12-05: The direct link seems to have moved to

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