How to get the user password in a Smart Office script

Here is a solution to get the Lawson Smart Office user’s password with a Personalized Script.

This solution is interesting in scenarios where at runtime we need the current user’s password to dynamically integrate to external systems, for example to connect to a network drive, to connect to a secure website, to execute SQL, to call web services, etc. Also, this solution is interesting to call M3 API or to trigger PFI flows for early versions of Lawson Smart Office that don’t have those native adapters; late versions of Smart Office have native adapters to call M3 API and to trigger PFI flows without the need to obtain the user’s password.

Follow this link to Geiger’s blog to see the solution: How to get the user password in a Smart Office script.

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6 thoughts on “How to get the user password in a Smart Office script”

  1. HI,
    The post on Geiger’s page mentions that Karin provided a solution to this in C#. Is there a link to this C# solution anywhere?


    1. Andy, to pass parameters by reference, instead of the ampersand in JScript.NET I think you have to use the out keyword in C#. Check out the Smart Office SDK Help file and the Microsoft documentation.


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