Google Glass

I just applied to get a pair of Google Glass.

Google Glass is an anticipated product from Google X for bringing Augmented Reality to the masses in a sports fashion pair of glasses containing a video camera, a Heads-Up Display, a processing unit running Android, Wifi connectivity, and a battery (c.f. the patent).

I was at Google I/O 2012 were they accepted pre-orders for Glass Explorer Edition but I made the regretful decision to not apply. Google is now offering a second chance: What would you do if you had Glass? Answer with #ifihadglass.

If I had Glass I would improve the workers job in a warehouse: I would show walking directions to the picking location, I would display information about the item, and I would keep track of the picking list. I’m an enthusiast I/On working on AR in the enterprise.

This would be a continuation of my previous implementation of Augmented Reality for M3.

Here are my three concepts pictures for Google Glass:




Here’s my application:


Wish me luck, and see you at Google I/O 2013.


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