H5 Client

H5 Client is a new web-based user interface in Infor Workspace that brings Infor M3 to modern web browsers.

H5 Client is built using standard HTML5/JavaScript, and uses jQuery as one of the JavaScript libraries. It can potentially run on any major browser (Microsoft Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Apple Safari, Mozilla Firefox, etc.), on potentially any operating system (Microsoft Windows, Mac OS, Linux, etc.), on potentially any device (PC, Mac, iPhone, iPad, Android, etc.). It’s a major milestone since the old Movex Workplace.

Movex Workplace had been built solely for Internet Explorer 6 over 10 years ago with non-standard IE-only features to optimize development and maintenance after Internet Explorer had emerged winner of the first browser war. Despite having been mono-browser, Movex Workplace had been praised by IDC as “the most technologically advanced business portal on the market” extensively using XmlHttpRequest long before the term Ajax was coined.

Fast forward to 2013, the web is growing exponentially with demand for multiple devices, multiple platforms, multiple vendors. H5 Client is the response to that demand and is a new player to complement its big sister Infor Smart Office.

H5 Client was announced and made Generally Available (GA) and I want to advertise it further with this post.

First tests with Google Chrome

  1. To determine if you have H5 Client, open the Grid Information page and look for Application Type mne:
  2. Click on the /mne/ Web Application Link and authenticate with your M3 user/password. It will go to this Home page:
  3. Start an M3 program as usual in the QuickStart, for example CRS610:
  4. The M3 program will start like it did in Movex Workplace, but this time in a modern browser, Google Chrome for instance:
  5. From here, use the program as usual, for example Options > Display CTRL+5:
  6. And Options > Change CTRL+2:

On Safari

Here is a screenshot of H5 Client in Safari on my PC:

On the iPhone

I tested H5 Client on Safari on my iPhone, and here is the result:

Start > CRS610 > Options > Display CTRL+5:
IMG_9107 IMG_9110 IMG_9117

In Landscape View:

Batch Customer Order – OIS275/B1:

Customer Orders – OIS300/B:


Also, it’s possible to use Shortcuts like in Smart Office:


Also, I can use the browser’s Developer Tools and the JavaScript Console to integrate with the H5 Client with Classes similar to Smart Office Scripts (UserContext, Configuration, Controller, Content); that reminds me of MNEAI for Movex Workplace and will probably lead to more posts in the future:


H5 Client is supposed to run as part of Infor Workspace. Thus, H5 Client alone won’t provide all the features necessary for the user.

Also, not all devices and browsers are officially supported. I successfully tested it in Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, and Safari on my PC, and Safari on my iPhone. It failed to run on Firefox on my PC (the entries in the Options menu were disabled), and on Chrome on my iPhone (it froze at /mne/index.jsp). And I yet have to test it on iPad, Linux, Mac OS, and Android.

For more information

To learn more about H5 Client, visit the Summit Week or Inforum 2013.

That’s it! I hope this quick overview will spark an interest in Infor Workspace and H5 Client.


UPDATE 2013-03-15: Added link to HTML5.

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ex- M3 Technical Consultant

19 thoughts on “H5 Client”

    1. Hi Ahmed, what exactly are you trying to do? The JavaScript console is part of modern browsers like Internet Explorer, Firefox, and Google Chrome. For Google Chrome, go to Tools > Developer tools.


        1. Hi Ahmed. I don’t know how to do that yet. Product Development and Technical Sales Consultants know. I’m planning to learn and write a post some day. I think you need to write a Web Part and a Context Publisher. And there’s a Context List in LifeCycle Manager > M3_UI_adapter > Infor Workspace Settings. If you manage to implement a Hello World that shows something simple like the User’s CONO, please write a post in this blog. I’ll create an author account for you. /Thibaud


    1. Hi Amir, scripts for Smart Office are written using the JScript.NET programming language, whereas scripts for H5 Client are written using the JavaScript programming language. Basically you have to write a new script. /Thibaud


  1. Hello Thibaud,
    Have you been able to test H5 Client on IPad ?
    I’m interested in knowing if it’s supported, if it runs well on it.


    1. Hi, I haven’t tested on the iPad. It worked in Safari on the PC and iPhone when I tested in March. However, since my tests of March, H5 Client has apparently been restricted to Internet Explorer only. Bummer! It kind of defeats the purpose. /Thibaud


      1. UPDATE. I found this information clarifying multi-browser support:

        M3 H5 Client Release Notes
        Published September 2013

        M3 H5 Client Editions

        The following editions are available in this release:

        M3 H5 Foundation: This is the base version, which provides basic features for running M3 Transactions. Supported Web browsers include Internet Explorer 9 and 10.

        M3 H5 Enterprise: This is the extended version, with additional features such as personalizations and web mashups. Supported Web browsers include Chrome and Safari, in addition to Internet Explorer 9 and 10. User must install the H5 Enterprise package to enable the Enterprise features. For instructions, see M3 UI Adapter Installation Guide.


  2. Much better that the workplace, but I don’t like its http authentication. In terms of security, this isn’t the best solution.


    1. My understanding of the Infor Grid is that they took care to make all authentications encrypted (HTTPS) and never in clear text (HTTP). Some time ago I had found a server that was authenticating in clear text and it turned out to be a mis-configuration on the part of the customer.


        1. I had a quick look at the link, many of the arguments are true while others are false and cause misinformation. Also, I don’t see a problem specifically introduced by the Infor Grid for using authentication over HTTPS; any problems derived from this technique are applicable to the entire industry. Session hijacking is the only one I see problematic with the Infor Grid, but again, it’s a general problem applicable to the entire industry.


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