The Who’s Who of Mashup Names and Descriptions

Every time I deploy a Mashup I forget which Mashup Name and Description goes where, I get confused, I have to fix the values and re-deploy. So here’s a Who’s Who cheat sheet that shows which Mashup Names and Descriptions goes where so I can remember. This cheat sheet will be helpful to save me time and hopefully it will be helpful to you as well.

I created a sample Test Mashup with the following values:

Project filename: Test.manifest
Project Name: The Project Name (the spaces will later be stripped when generating the Lawson application)
Project Description: The Project Description
XAML filename: Test.xaml
XAML VisibleName: The XAML Visible Name

I then generated the Lawson application and deployed the Mashup via LifeCycle Manager. Later, I also installed the Mashup as a Local Application to see if there were any differences.

The result  is the following:

  1. The developer sees all the values.
  2. The administrator only sees the Project Name and Project Description in LifeCycle Manager and in the Smart Office Local Applications.
  3. The Lawson application is generated using the Project Name as the filename, regardless of the Manifest’s filename; that’s by default and you can rename it.
  4. The user only sees the XAML Visible Name in the Mashup menu of the Navigator widget, and in the Mashup’s window title bar.

The developer, the administrator, and the user see different values in different places. That partially explains why I got confused. Now that I have a cheat sheet for my failing memory it should be easy to remember.

Here below are the screenshots of my tests.

1 2_ 3_ 4_  5

Hope it helps!

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ex- M3 Technical Consultant

4 thoughts on “The Who’s Who of Mashup Names and Descriptions”

  1. Hi Thibaud!
    If you have a customer that will use several mashups it is important that you add the same prefix in all project names. I always name all projects “Mashup_XXXXXXX”. That way I make sure that all mashups are easiliy found in LCM. If you give them names without the same prefix, the mashups will end up in different places in the LCM-list, and that makes it hard to get an overview.
    //Gunilla Andersson, iStone


  2. Hi Thibaud,
    I want your help ,I want your macro code of calling web service which you have shown in your video of MMS010
    Thanks in advance!


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