Grid MobileUI Management Pages

I recently came across Grid MobileUI, a mobile version of the Infor ION Grid Management Pages to efficiently monitor Grid Applications such as M3 on tablets and mobile phones like iPads and iPhones. I believe the Grid MobileUI was released with the new M3 13.1 in July. Here are some screenshots of the Grid MobileUI to spread the goodness.

The Grid MobileUI strips out the extra fat of the Grid Management Pages, keeping only the necessary information for an efficient user experience on a mobile device: you can easily see the list of Grid applications, you can check the errors and warning logs of each application, and you can automatically compose an email and it will paste the link to the page application details.

The Grid MobileUI is important to continue monitoring your M3 when you are on the move, for example when you are away from your office, commuting in the train, or waiting at the boarding gate at the airport. You can now pull up your tablet or your phone, and quickly address issues until you get back to your computer. It helps address issues faster and helps make more efficient use of your downtime.

In order to access the URL from your mobile device, you will have to use a VPN client on your mobile device to access your office network, or setup the web server in your DMZ and setup some form of encrypted authentication.

Here is a screenshot of the Infor ION Grid Management Pages for M3 showing the link to the Grid MobileUI:


Here are two screenshots of the Grid MobileUI on an iPad, showing the main page, and one of the page application details:

5 6

Here is a screenshot of my iPhone’s Home Screen with the shortcut to the Grid MobileUI:


Here are four screenshots of the Grid MobileUI on my iPhone, showing the main page, one of the page application details, the logs, and composing an email:

IMG_2489 IMG_2490 IMG_2491 IMG_2461

And if the Grid MobileUI is not enough for your administration needs, you can always request the desktop site on the iPad of the Grid Management Pages to get the full user interface, with the entire set of options, and all the detailed information:


That’s it!

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