Open source project: address validation for M3

I’m announcing the start of an open source project: address validation for M3.

Address validation is the ability for the user to enter a partial or incorrect address, get a list of possible matches, chose the valid address, and save it in M3. The goals are: reduce data entry time, ensure goods will reach their destination, minimize shipment returns, accurately calculate taxes, etc.

I implemented address validation for several customers in the past years while at a previous job, and I proposed that the source code becomes a product available to every customer. I believe address validation should come standard with M3 as it is of great service. The project was ready for distribution in 2009 but it got stuck in the legal department because of a conflict with the licenses of the respective address providers. For example, it seems the company couldn’t sell software that uses the free Google Maps API. So now that I quit my last job and haven’t started a new one, I decided to re-ignite the idea as free and open source software. In that way there are no legal conflicts.

Also, I cannot re-use any of the source code nor material I wrote while at any previous job since all the data is intellectual property of that company, so I will have to re-write everything from scratch. And I need your help.

The goals are to provide address validation for M3 with choice of the following address providers:

  • Bing Maps
  • Eniro
  • Experian QAS
  • FedEx
  • Google Maps
  • Google Maps Premier
  • UPS
  • USPS

I’m looking to include more local address providers in: Belgium, Denmark, France, Germany, Norway, The Netherlands, etc. If you know of any, let me know.

The product will be self-configurable, starting with the following M3 programs :

  • Customer. Open – CRS610/E
  • Customer. Connect Addresses – OIS002/E
  • Supplier. Connect Address – CRS622/E
  • Customer Order. Connect Address – OIS102/E
  • Internal Address. Open – CRS235/E1
  • Company. Connect Division – MNS100/E
  • Ship-Via Address. Open – CRS300/E
  • Service Order. Connect Delivery Address – SOS005/E
  • Shop. Open – OPS500/I
  • Bank. Open – CRS690/E
  • Bank. Connect Bank Branch Office – CRS691/E
  • Equipment Address. Open – MOS272/E

It will be a client-side implementation for Smart Office using:

  • Script assemblies for Smart Office (C#)
  • Mashups (XAML)

With plans to support H5 Enterprise (HTML5/JavaScript) in the future.

It will be made available as free software under the GNU General Public License V3.0 license. It permits commercial use, distribution, and modification. And it requires source be made available, license and copyright notice be included, and changes be indicated. It’s copyleft instead of copyright.

Also, the resulting code will be subject to the licenses of the respective address providers: Google Maps, etc.

Also, this project is a good opportunity for me to contribute to the community, and to learn Git revision control.

I started a repository on GitHub here:

Send me feedback. Let me know what you think. Tell your colleagues. And if you want to be a contributor, come help us.


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