M3 ideas @ Inforum 2014

I submitted the following session in the Call for Papers of Inforum 2014 in New Orleans in September:

M3 ideas: social media, open source, and Google Glass

This session will talk about:

  • Social media for M3 to help create communities, circulate information, and get the job done more efficiently while needing authors, readers, and engagement.
  • Open source for M3, a collaborative attempt to make M3 greater to the benefit of everyone beyond the confines of a workplace.
  • Google Glass for M3, a proof-of-concept to showcase the integration capabilities of M3 with wearable computing and future experiments in Augmented Reality for M3. The products involved are: M3, Event Analytics, Infor Process Automation, Infor Document Archive, and Infor CloudSuite.

Includes illustrations with M3 customers.

Would you like to see this session at Inforum 2014? Please vote here below and let me know what you think.


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ex- M3 Technical Consultant

2 thoughts on “M3 ideas @ Inforum 2014”

  1. Hi Thibaud,

    Your Google Glass POC project is really interesting! Thanks for opening it also for us readers. It would be nice to see a presentation about it in Inforum, even if it’s a recording for those of us that won’t be travelling on-site 🙂

    Out of curiosity, what would be your aim at Inforum regarding the social media thingie for M3 – activating the community or getting something from Infor to support it?



    1. Hi Juha, thank you for the comment. Regarding social media for M3, not every customer is aware that it exists, for example some customers still block YouTube and Facebook at their workplace despite they are valid tools of learning and collaboration, and not every media is cross-referenced on the other media, for instance documentation to blogs, so it’s still hard to find the various outlets, and there are more topics to discuss. So my intention is to bring more awareness, participation, and growth.


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