New M3 forums on PotatoIT 👍🏻

Potato IT

Some of you will have noticed a few changes recently…a new font for the site 🙂

And a new domain…and the purpose of this post – a page which will take you to some development forums (

For quite some time I’ve wanted to create some M3 development specific forums or a mailing list as a nice and convenient way for people to ask quick questions or to share experiences around developing for M3.

I entertained the idea of dropping it on to my server at home, but as you can see from the photo below – home based servers have a tendency to get overwhelmed by dust puppies though mine hasn’t quite gone that far, it’s just a matter of time.  Not to mention that during summer my office gets pretty warm – not exactly lending confidence in the life expectancy of the drives.


I also considered setting…

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