2015 in review

Happy New Year! Thank you for an amazing year 2015 writing and reading about Infor M3.

The goal of this blog is to create a community of software developers, technical consultants, and power users, to share ideas around Infor M3, and to motivate others to write and share and create their own blogs.

Here are some stats for 2015:

  • The blog was viewed 68,798 times in 2015, that is 40% more than 2014:
  • The blog was viewed a total of 178,981 views since it started in 2011, with 517 views in its best day in June:
  • We welcomed four new authors in 2015:
  • We wrote 28 posts, that is about one every two weeks
  • It is taking me longer than last year to craft each new blog post, about eight hours nowadays; I should write more, and quicker
  • We wrote mostly about Infor M3 Enterprise Collaborator (MEC), Infor ION Grid, Event Hub and Event Analytics, Infor Process Automation (IPA), M3 API, M3 Web Services (MWS), and some ideas and hacking
  • I changed the domain to m3ideas.org (from thibaudatwork) to make the blog more about the M3 community and less about me.
  • There are visitors from all countries, even countries I did not know had M3 users; Hello, Bonjour, Hej, Hola, Hallo, नमस्ते, Kumusta, Halo, ආයුබෝවන්, வணக்கம்:
  • I discovered two new blogs (I put all the known blogs in the Links page):

Thank you. It would not be possible without you. Please subscribe. A like and a share would also go a long way. And if you have something to share, join us and become an author (contact me).

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