Clear global customization cache

Here is a refresher on how to clear global M3 personalizations for non-administrators:

mforms://_command/?value=clear custcache

M3 personalizations

I am currently doing maintenance of M3 personalizations (hyperlinks, conditional styles, shortcuts, labels, tab orders, views, show/hide fields, and scripts), for all users (role GLOBAL_CUSTOMIZATIONS):


To change a personalization, either I use the Personalization Manager (for that I need the administrator role), or I change the file with a text editor directly in the MNEDATA folder (for that I need read/write access to the MNEDATA folder):

Clear customization cache

To clear the global customization cache, I use the Net Extension Manager > Clear customization cache (for that I need to be administrator):


There is another environment where I am not administrator, there is no Net Extension Manager, and yet I need to clear the global customization cache. I realized I can simply execute the clear command, and it will clear the global customization anyway:

mforms://_command/?value=clear custcache



That’s the actual command behind the Clear button.

I traced the calls, from the Smart Office Dlls, to the MNE server Java classes, and it seems to really do a global clear, even without being administrator:



Maybe there’s a good explanation for the lack of authorization; or maybe I am administrator somewhere afterall. I haven’t read the administrator’s guide or looked any further.

That’s it!

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3 thoughts on “Clear global customization cache”

  1. Question… I hide a field globally… but I want it to show for a very select few.

    I have disabled user personalisations so I am unable to give rights to these users just to show this field as once I take away the rights global kicks in again.

    Is there a script to I can apply to a user to do this?

    Thanks in advance


    1. Hi Damian. I recommend the Smart Office Administration Guide with the section on the user/role/global personalization precedence. Maybe there is a way to do your requirement with just personalization; I don’t remember from top of my head. Otherwise, with scripts it should be possible. Indeed, I think the MNE response that Smart Office receives to render the panel is always the same, regardless of personalizations. And then Smart Office applies the personalization. Thus, you could develop a script that un-applies the personalization for just the select users, i.e. un-hide the fields in your case.


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