MForms Automation in Mashups

Let’s explore MForms Automation in Infor Smart Office Mashups.

MForms Automation

MForms Automation execute sequences of steps through M3 programs, e.g. run CRS610, enter a customer number in field W1OBKV, and press ENTER:

MForms Automation Builder is located at C:\SmartOfficeSDK\External\M3\Tools\MFormsAutomationBuilder.exe:

In Mashups

To use them in Mashups, we tell MForms Automation Builder to create an MForms URI encoded, we copy/paste the URI into the desired property in Mashup Designer which will XML-encode it, and we carefully replace the hard-coded values by parameter names in curly braces with the corresponding parameter binding:

Smart Office will do the variable substitution, and will execute a CMDTP=RUN with the XML:

I find the whole process of URI-encoding, XML-encoding, and curly brace replacement too error-prone and time consuming for routine maintenance, so I found an alternative.


I find it easier to preserve the original XML in a CDATA section in the XAML:

Note: We must omit spaces between the CDATA start and XML declaration; the rest can be indented.

I find this alternative to be more elegant and easier to maintain than the double-encoded surgical process above.

Let me know what you think in the comments below.

That’s it.

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3 thoughts on “MForms Automation in Mashups”

  1. Good post. My preference is to use the second method as it is easier to read.

    Does it make any difference putting the “mforms://_automation/?data=” part of the MForms string outside the CDATA tag? All of mine it’s inside the tag.


    1. Hi Scott,

      I don’t think the order makes a difference.

      One problem I forgot to mention is the lack of URI-encoding with this second method, but it doesn’t seem to have any impact, the result works equally well.

      Question: how did you think of using this second method? I’ve only seen the first method. If it’s already mentioned in a document somewhere, I will make sure to read the rest of the document for other good stuff.


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