Write a Mashup in multiple languages

Here is a solution to write a Mashup in multiple languages in Lawson Smart Office, for example in English and Spanish. This task is a part of Localization (L10) and Internationalization (i18n).


Smart Office is available in multiple languages, and the language can be switched by selecting Show (in the top right corner) > Settings > Lawson Smart Office > General:

We can write a Mashup so as to dynamically adapt to the current language.

1) Localization files

First, we create XML files with the constants in each target language. In this example I create the files en-us.xml and es.xml for English and Spanish, and I choose to place those files in a sub-folder named Localization in my Mashup folder:

We add the constants to the XML with a text editor such as Notepad. In this example, I have one constant Welcome which I set in English to Hello World! and in Spanish to Hola mundo!

My file en-us.xml contains:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" ?>
<assembly name="">
 <area name="">
 <entry name="Welcome">Hello World!</entry>

My file es.xml contains:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" ?>
<assembly name="">
 <area name="">
 <entry name="Welcome">Hola mundo!</entry>

We add as many <entry> elements as we have constants.

2) Project

Then, we declare those XML files in the Project in Mashup Designer.

For that, select File > Add Resource, and browse to the XML files, en-us.xml and es.xml in my example:

That will add the XML files to the Project Explorer:


Finally, we invoke our constants from the XAML code with the binding {mashup:Constant constant}. In this example I invoke the constant Welcome in a Label:

The XAML code will look like:

<Label Content="{mashup:Constant Welcome}" />


Here is a screenshot of the Mashup in English:

Here is a screenshot of the Mashup in Spanish:

For more examples regarding translation, read the article Translate M3 with Google Translate API to automatically translate M3 and user-generated content in 52 languages.

Thanks to Juan V, and karinpb for their help!

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