MForms Automation / URI generator

Here is a tool that generates Smart Office URI to execute MForms Automation. The tool is interesting to launch M3 programs with parameters from third-party applications. For example, I could have an email message with a link in that launches OIS300/B to list the Orders of a specific Customer number, in one click, without having to type any Customer number or Sorting order; the URI would switch to Smart Office if it’s already open, or it would launch it and ask for user/password otherwise.

MForms Automation URIs have the syntax: mforms://_automation?data=xml where xml is the URI-encoded version of the MForms Automation XML. I call it the internal URI. In addition to MForms Automation, the internal URI could also be a Bookmark URI with a syntax like: mforms://bookmark/?program=MMS081&tablename=MITBAL&keys=MBCONO,100,MBWHLO,AA1,MBITNO,+9D8353.

That internal URI can be launched from a third-party application (i.e. not Smart Office) if it’s embedded in a second URI (the Smart Office installation point) with the syntax: http://server:port/LSO/LawsonClient.application?server=https://server:port/ESM&task=internalUri where internalUri is the internal URI that is also URI-encoded. I call it the external URI.

To access the URI generator, visit:


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2 thoughts on “MForms Automation / URI generator”

  1. Hello,
    Anybody got automation to work with Bookmark URI?
    I keep getting ‘Failed to comply with your request’ – error.


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