Hello World of Infor Smart Office SDK

Today I will write a post on how to start with the Infor Smart Office SDK as a continuation of Karin’s getting started post and Scott’s one to eight part series. We use the Smart Office SDK to develop applications in C#/WPF that run inside Smart Office with the benefits of look & feel, session, user information, M3 context, integration to M3 APIs and M3 Web Services, etc. I’m developing an application for a customer to integrate Cisco IP phones with Infor Customer Lifecycle Management (CLM). This is a great opportunity for me to share with you interesting bits and pieces as I progress, and it’s a way for me to anchor what I learn. I will put screenshots galore.

Here are the steps:

  1. Download and install Microsoft Visual Studio for C# and WPF development. I opted for the free Visual Studio Express 2013 for Windows Desktop:
  2. Launch it from the Windows Start menu > All Programs > Visual Studio 2013 > VS Express 2013 for Desktop:
  3. Download and install the Infor Smart Office SDK from Infor Xtreme > Downloads > ProductsUser Productivity PlatformSmart Office SDK – M3; choose the same version as the target Smart Office server you will develop for, version 10.1 in my case:
  4. Unzip to a temporary folder in your computer and move the contents to the SDK root directory, for example C:\InforSmartOfficeSDK\ ; I moved to a folder with the full version number as I might have to switch back and forth between different versions for customer projects:
  5. For more information , read the installation instructions in the Infor Smart Office Developers Guide at path Documentation\DevelopersGuide.pdf:
  6. Set an environment variable LSOSDKBin in My Computer > Properties > Advanced system settings > Environment Variables, to the path of the Bin sub-folder, in my case it’s C:\InforSmartOfficeSDK_10.1.1.1_20130920\Bin :
  7. Edit the contents of the file RegisterServer.reg in a text editor like Notepad, and change the value of Server to point to the scheme://domain:port of your Smart Office server URL. Then execute the file to merge the new MangoDev Key into your Windows Registry (C:\Windows\regedit.exe); in my case I later manually added String values for Username and Password so I don’t get authentication prompts anymore (beware of this security risk):
  8. Open the Sample Solution Samples\Samples.sln in Visual Studio:
  9. Select BUILD > Build Solution F7:
  10. Select DEBUG > Start Debugging F5:
  11. That will start Smart Office in Developer mode. Select Help (question mark icon at the top right) > About Infor Smart OfficeView features, that will show you the Framework Examples and the Sample Feature:
  12. Start the Hello World application in the Sample menu of the Navigator widget:
  13. And try the other samples and widgets:

That’s it!

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6 thoughts on “Hello World of Infor Smart Office SDK”

  1. It appears that the solutions development kit isn’t actually avaliable for me to download. Do you have any idea why this is?


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