How to call an M3-API with Angular JS and from a web page

I’m new to JAvascript, and Angular JS has given me a challenge but a great tool for manipulating web page content. It’s a MVC framework that’s recommended by a few colleagues.

The details below outline how to create a webpage to:

a) Get a list of customers ordered by Customer Number from M3
b) display on a web page the customer number, customer name and customer phone number.

This will be a custom webpage that can be called within Infor’s H5 client. As there are no customisations available yet, Javascript + Angular JS is a good open source alternative.

To get M3 data for use on a web page, in your Javascript with AngularJS included:

a) Create the URL to call the M3-API with any necessary parameters for the transaction :

var URL= “http:// {server url}/m3api-rest/execute/CRS610MI/LstByNumber;maxrecs=2?”

{server url} is like Make sure to use the un-encrpyted port, and to run the html also from the same unencrypted port. If you run the html from a different port, you will encounter CORS (Cross Origin Resource Sharing) security errors.

You can also refer to

b) Have the $http injected in your controller:

[‘$scope’, ‘$http’, function($scope,$http, $notifyService){

c) Use the URL on $http to make the call.

$http.get(URL).success(function(httpResponse )

d) Now parse the httpResponse which will have any messages as well as data. The httpResponse.metadata will have the layout of the reply.


Input Capture Window 3042014 110033 AM

To transform the JSON/NameValue array to a { fieldName :value } array that can be opened in the html

{ CONO: “100”, DIVI: “TMW”, LNCD: “GB”,….

Use this logic:

$http.get(URL).success(function(httpResponse ){
$scope.MIRecords = data.MIRecord;//skip metadata and headers

//Parse to a map
for (var i in $scope.MIRecords) {//get records
//get fields and values
for (var j in $scope.MIRecords[i].NameValue){
oneRecord[$scope.MIRecords[i].NameValue[j].Name] //field name
= $scope.MIRecords[i].NameValue[j].Value; //field value

e) To display each customer in the allCustomers array on the HTML, use ng-repeat on the allCustomers array:

<tr ng-repeat=”oneCustomer in allCustomers | filter:query” >
<td> {{oneCustomer.CUNO}}</td>

Input Capture Window 3042014 104530 AM



-J/Jonathan San Juan

3 thoughts on “How to call an M3-API with Angular JS and from a web page”

  1. Correction on making the URL call and getting the information back:
    $http.get(URL).success(function (httpResponse) {
    $scope.SourceURL= URL;
    $scope.MIRecords = httpResponse.MIRecord;//data.MIRecord;//skip metadata and headers

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