IBrix conversion proof-of-concept

I want to quickly share with you the progress of a proof-of-concept conversion – with Ryan at a customer – of a Movex Workplace IBrix into HTML5/JavaScript that will eventually be run inside Infor M3 H5 Client. (Watch the video full-screen in HD for better resolution.)

Current features:

  • Client-side pagination, sorting, search
  • List and detail panel fed by M3 API
  • Drill-down click
  • Input validation as the user is typing
  • Auto-complete dropdown lists
  • F4-Browse dialog
  • F1-Field Help to /help/GB/FieldHelp/xml/FIELD.xml
  • Context-menu
  • Works in Chrome, Safari, Firefox, iPad, etc.
  • Some more stuff

M3 API used:

  • CRS610MI.LstByNumber
  • CRS175MI.GetGeneralCode
  • CRS175MI.LstGeneralCode

Built with:

  • jQuery
  • jQuery UI
  • jQuery Datatables

Future work:

  • Server-side pagination, sorting, search
  • A lot of tweaking and sexifying

Related article: H5 Client and M3 API with jQuery DataTables revisited

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