How to create a picking list in M3

As part of my Google Glass project to display Infor M3 picking lists on Glass, I had to learn how to easily create picking lists in M3. M3 is a comprehensive Enterprise resource planning (ERP) suite that does customer sales, supply chain, manufacturing, inventory, packing, shipping, accounting, and many other functions. It takes learning and practice to conquer it. I’m a technical consultant for M3, not a functional consultant, so I had to ask for help for the setup to create picking lists. My dear colleagues Philip Cancino, M3 Business Consultant – SCM at Infor in Manila, and Marie-Pascale Authié, Fashion Solution Consultant at Infor in Chicago generously helped me.

I recorded Philip’s and Marie-Pascale’s instructions and the final setup, and I’m sharing the results here so you can follow my Glass project along. Watch the videos in full screen and in high definition to see the small details. Also, Philip’s video has audio, and I transcribed it, so you can turn on closed captioning (CC) if needed; the other videos don’t have audio.

Philip’s instructions and demo

Philip showed me detailed instructions to create a picking list on one of the Infor Education servers that was already setup for Manufacturing, and we recorded a demo.

Philip’s instructions are:

  1. Create a customer order in M3 Customer Order. Open – OIS100
  2. Create order lines in M3 Customer Order. Open Line – OIS101
  3. Select the order > Related Options > Delivery Toolbox CTRL+43; it takes us to M3 Delivery. Open Toolbox – MWS410
  4. Select the delivery > Related Options > Release for Picking CTRL+32
  5. Refresh until Released for Picking RIP = 1; it can take a while for the auto-jobs
  6. Back in OIS300, the order will change to Status 44
  7. Back in MWS410, select the delivery > Related Options > Picking Lists CTRL+11; it takes us to M3 Picking List. Report – MWS420
  8. Select the picking list > Related Options > Pick List Lines CTRL+11; it takes us to M3 Picking List. Report Lines – MWS422
  9. It shows the picking list lines with item numbers, quantities, and stock locations; this is what I need for Google Glass
  10. Select one line at a time > Related Options > Confirm Issues CTRL+16, that’s what the picker will do on Google Glass to complete the pick list
  11. When all the picking list lines have been confirmed, the picking list and the delivery will change to status 90, and the order will change to status 66.

Here is Philip’s demo:

Back to basics

After Philip’s demo, I wasn’t able to reproduce the instructions on another server that had a different setup for Equipment service management and rental (ESM&R). So Marie-Pascale helped me setup that other server. She setup everything from scratch, mostly copying from existing records, then going back and forth adjusting what was important for my project until it was working as desired.

Setup 1/4 – configuration tables

First, Marie-Pascale set up of the configuration tables company, division, facility, warehouse, and stock locations:

  • M3 Company. Open – MNS095
  • M3 Company. Connect Division – MNS100
  • M3 Facility. Open – CRS008
  • M3 Warehouse. Open – MMS005
  • M3 Stock Location. Open – MMS010:
    • In panel B we set the Warehouse (WHLO) and the Location (WHSL)
    • In panel E we set the Name (TX40) of each location to the respective aisle, rack, and bin
    • In panel F I will later set the Geo codes XYZ based on my previous work Geocoding of Stock Locations in MMS010.

Here is my quick walkthrough of the result (pause the video as needed):

Setup 2/4 – order type

Then, Marie-Pascale set up the all-important order type, and she chose a fast order type that automatically allocates inventory, creates a picking list, and does not require packing nor shipping:

  • M3 CO Type. Open – OIS010:
    • Allocation method: 1-Automatic/manually
  • M3 CO Type. Connect Documents – OIS011:
    • Print document: Yes
  • M3 CO Type. Update Field Selection – OIS014:
    • Route: blank
    • Route departure: blank
    • Contact method: phone
  • M3 Dispatch Policy. Open – MWS010:
    • 030 Released for allocation: Yes
    • 040 Released for picking: Yes
    • 100 Auto print of picking lists: Yes
    • 160 Shipment assembly point: 9-Not used
    • 240 Packing reporting method: 0-Packing not used
    • 330 Automatic connection to shipment: 0-No auto connect

Here is the result:

Setup 3/4 – items and inventory

Then, Marie-Pascale setup the items and inventory:

  • M3 Item. Open – MMS001:
    • Status: 20-Released
    • Responsible
    • Make/buy code: 2-Purchased
    • Lot control method: 0-Not used
    • Lot numb method: 0-Manual entry
    • Purchase price
    • Sales price
    • Supplier
  • M3 Item. Connect Warehouse – MMS002:
    • Planner
    • Acquisition code: 2-Purchased
    • Status: 20-Released
    • Location
  • M3 Item. Connect Facility – MMS003
  • M3 Physical Inventory. Quick Entry – MMS310:
    • Warehouse
    • Item number
    • Location
    • Physical inventory quantity (STQI)
    • Status – ph inv (STAG): 1-Auto approved

Here is the result:

Setup 4/4 – customer and supplier

Then, Marie-Pascale the setup of the customer and supplier:

  • M3 Customer. Open – CRS610:
    • Status: 20-Definite
    • Order Type
    • Warehouse
  • M3 Supplier. Open – CRS620

Here is the result:

Final demo

And finally, here is the quick demo to create a customer order and get the picking list with item numbers, quantities, and stock locations to display in Google Glass:

And here is a screenshot of the final picking list:

They are the same steps as Philip’s, except now everything is automatic: allocation and picking are automatic, and there’s no packing nor shipping.

We had a problem with automatic allocation though, it failed, and we had to allocate manually in M3 Allocation. Perform Detailed – MMS121. Marie-Pascale said she will look into it.

Future work

Next, I will capture the event that creates the picking list, and I will gather more information about the Items, like names, and I will send the formatted picking list to Glass. For that, I will use Event Analytics and Infor Process Automation (IPA) and the Glass API.


That’s it!

Special thanks to Philip Cancino and Marie-Pascale Authié for making this possible. I wouldn’t have been able to progress without your help.

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