Inspect tool for Mashups

How great the Inspect tool is for developing Mashups in Infor Smart Office! I mentioned it a long time ago in another post about developing scripts, and I want to mention it here again.

I am currently maintaining a Mashup that other developers created. That Mashup has 30 XAML files, 10,000 lines of code, 500 controls, 80 tabs in three levels, etc. Any time I need to modify the Mashup, I have to follow a thread to find the relevant line of source code.

With the Inspect tool, I can point at a control in the Mashup (watch cursor) to find any of its parts, find its name, its parent tab, its XAML file, etc. That saves me valuable time.

Here are some screenshots:
1 2 3

I wish the Mashup Designer had the same watch cursor feature. Maybe it is easy to implement with the Smart Office SDK. To be explored.

There is also the Snoop tool I mentioned in the other post. Try that too.

That’s it!

Let me know in the comments below what other tools you use. Share this post. Click Like. Follow this blog. And come write the new blog post with us. This is a volunteer-based community, and your participation keeps it going. Thank you.

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