Mashup quality control #7

I enhanced my quality control tool for Infor Smart Office Mashups with the following new verifications.


  1. It verifies the XAML of Document Archive (now Infor Document Management, IDM) by TargetKey=SearchXQuery.
  2. It verifies the XAML of M3 Web Services (MWS):
    • It ensures the parameters WS.Wsdl and WS.Address use the Smart Office profile value {mashup:ProfileValue Path=M3/WebService/url} (i.e. not a hard-coded URL), so that the Mashup can be migrated across environments (e.g. DEV, TST)
    • It ensures there are no hard-coded WS.User or WS.Password, but that is uses the current user’s credentials with WS.CredentialSource=Current.
  3. It verifies if there are other hard-coded values, mostly in mashup:Parameter in Mashup events.


I moved the source code to a new GitHub repository at


As usual, compile and run the script in the Smart Office Script Tool (mforms://jscript):

It will verify all the Mashups of your Smart Office, and it will show the elements in the XAML that have hard-coded values or other problems.

That’s it!

Please visit the source code, try it, click like, leave a comment, subscribe, share, and come write the next post with us.

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